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We are tried and tested in the project arena.
From micro projects to corporate turnarounds.  Pragmatic approaches that work with ordinary business folk and are not embedded in some techno-babble understood only by the 'experts'.
    OD covers all aspects of change affecting the organisation, especially as processes come under the microscope.  In particular we focus on delivery of complex solutions.  Experience shows that - pleasant though they are - traditional methods of managing OD interventions often focus on the intervention not the delivery.

    To bridge the gap we have developed a powerful combination of expertise that assembles mixed teams of HR and other Change specialists.  The result is a strong focus on bringing together all the management disciplines.  It also means that we can more than hold our own when the going gets tough outside the HR Department.  We can speak to Sales People, Back-Office Staff or Technical Experts as equals.  And let's face it, OD is about understanding the operational aspects of business and effecting positive change.

    How do we do it?  There's nothing like experience.  Our senior people have been through Mergers & Acquisitions; Corporate Turnarounds; International Culture renewal; run multi-national Corporate Excellence programmes and more.  They have also worked in management and operational roles in businesses of all scales and across many sectors.  Add to this a solid grounding in psychometrics, facilitation and coaching - it all makes for a powerful toolkit.
    To be sure - most organisations have an existing performance management system of some kind.  But is it continuing to deliver what it was set up to do?  We'll help refocus on what is needed NOW.  More to the point we will ensure that this is linked into the Project Benefits Delivery mechanisms.  As a consequence your people are far more likely to actually deliver the benefits you want from your projects.
    How often have your people done this before?  The answer is likely to be "not often" or "never".  We live and breathe doing things differently and with one very clear objective in mind - WHAT IS THE DESIRED RESULT?

We'll help you to envisage the future before taking you on the journey.

    It's no good simply leaving this to the IT Department - it has to involve the business too.  Due to our blend of skills and experience we make sure that these significant projects don't upset the 'business as usual'.  Whether that is the change of operating system on a Europe-wide platform or the introduction of desktop software, we make sure the dependencies are addressed and things flow smoothly.